New XXL Carton Box : 62cm(L) x 46cm(W) x 76cm(H)

Jaguar 3R Ventures Pte Ltd

SKU: NCB624676

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Dimension (length x width x height)
Millimetre : 620mm X 460mm X 760mm

This box is generally used for items such as;

Casual Shirts CD DVD Gloves Hats Make-Up Shampoo/Conditioner Table Centrepiece Books Caps Cardigans Casual Dresses Sandals Glass Ware Table Clothes/Mats Files/Papers Office Accessories Toiletries Shoes Clothing Kitchen items


Recommended for storing or transporting volumetric items. Thing that are big but are not as heavy as they look. Like comforters, Pillow and Bosters etc 

Don't forget to order Carton Sealing Tape!

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