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Our Carton Boxes are either once used or may even be new factory misprints, over-runs or customer returns that are no longer needed. Thanks to the technology behind this and our relationships with the manufacturers, distributors and large companies who unpack millions of boxes a year, we are able to "rescue" those boxes and make them available to you at deep discounts! Any way you look at it, getting enough boxes to move a 1 bedroom apartment, an entire office, let alone a 5 bedroom house is expensive and wasteful!

We keep things simple. We don't stock every size and dimension of every cardboard box ever made! We pre-pack our boxes along with convenient accessories into low-cost, earth-friendly "stacks" and "kits" that consist of the sizes and shapes used most often by do-it-yourself movers and professional moving companies. This way, we focus our attention on the quality of our boxes and offer our customers the lowest price possible. And, we always include FREE SHIPPING!

Some of our boxes will have printing on them. Some may have tape, packing labels or even handwriting on them. However, if a box doesn't pass our THREE rigorous quality inspections, it doesn't go to a customer; it goes straight to the recycling plant!

No matter what you order from, your satisfaction is guaranteed, 100%.

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