What are the prices of new moving carton box in Singapore?

What are the prices of new moving carton box in Singapore?

Readymade Carton Boxes For Moving Storage Packaging in Singapore

What are the Prices of moving carton box in Singapore?

Length x Width x Height   (Size In CM)



Standard 50 X 38 X 38 $3.50
L 59 X 40 X 37 $4.30
XL 60 X 48 X 42 $5.50
XXL 62 X 46 X 76 $7.00

Singapore standard carton box dimensions

What are the price range of moving storage new carton box in Singapore?

  • Standard Size: 50cm X 38cm X 38cm : $3.50
  • L Size: 59cm X 40cm X 37cm:$4.30
  • XL Size: 60cm X 48cm X 42cm: $5.50
  • XXL Size: 62cm X 46cm X 76cm :$7.00

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