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News Named Top Packaging Supplier in Singapore for 2023

At, we are thrilled to announce that we have been recognized as one of the Top 7 Best Packaging Suppliers in Singapore for Your Delivery Projects in 2023. This prestigious recognition comes from, a trusted source for industry insights and recommendations.


We are honored to be included in this list, and it reaffirms our commitment to providing high-quality packaging solutions to businesses and individuals across Singapore. In a world where efficient and reliable packaging is essential for seamless deliveries and safe storage, is your go-to partner.

So, what sets us apart from the competition and earned us this esteemed position? Let's delve into the reasons why has emerged as a top packaging supplier in Singapore.

1. Wide Range of Packaging Solutions: Whether you're a small business owner, a large corporation, or an individual with specific packaging needs, offers a diverse range of packaging options to cater to all requirements. From standard corrugated boxes to custom-designed solutions, we have it all.

2. Quality Assurance: Our commitment to quality is unwavering. We source materials from trusted suppliers and adhere to stringent quality control processes to ensure that every packaging product that leaves our facility meets the highest industry standards.

3. Customization Options: We understand that every business is unique, and packaging needs can vary greatly. That's why we offer customization options, allowing you to tailor packaging solutions to your specific requirements, whether it's branding, size, or design.

4. Eco-Friendly Initiatives: is committed to sustainability. We offer eco-friendly packaging options and strive to minimize our environmental footprint through responsible sourcing and recycling practices.

5. Excellent Customer Service: Our dedicated team is here to assist you every step of the way. Whether you need advice on choosing the right packaging or have questions about an order, we are always ready to provide top-notch customer service.

This recognition as a top packaging supplier in Singapore for 2023 motivates us to continue delivering exceptional packaging solutions to our customers. We are grateful for the trust and support of our clients and partners who have helped us reach this milestone.

If you're in need of reliable and high-quality packaging solutions for your delivery projects, look no further than We are honored to serve you and contribute to the success of your business.

Thank you for choosing as your packaging partner. Together, we'll continue to set the standard for excellence in the packaging industry in Singapore.

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What Is The Use Of Carton Box While House Moving?

What Is The Use Of Carton Box While House Moving?

Carton boxes are extremely useful when you are moving house or shifting your office space. They are ideal for storing goods that you want to keep safe while they are being transported from one location to another. They can also be used for storing items that need to be stored safely for long periods of time such as books and magazines which may not fit into a regular cupboard or shelf space due to their size and weight limitations but still require protection from dust and moisture exposure which can lead over time rendering them unusable if left unprotected over time due their fragile nature requiring careful handling over their lifespan hence why you should invest in these types of storage containers which provide added protection against dust exposure plus moisture control plus


Carton boxes are an essential part of moving house. They are used for storing goods, transportation and storage. They help to reduce the cost of moving as well as make it easier. There are a number of advantages of using carton boxes while moving. They are easy to seal and can be written on easily. You can buy them from our store located in Singapore .

Carton Box Supply Singapore

Carton box is a container that is used for the transportation and storage of goods. It can be used to carry household items, personal belongings, or even commercial items. The most common type of carton box is a RSC carton box. This type of container is popular because it is strong and sturdy, but lightweight and easy to transport.

When moving house, it is important to use the right kind of carton box for your belongings. This will help you save money on transportation costs by keeping your items safe while they are in transit. It will also allow you to store your belongings in good condition while they are being moved from one place to another.

There are many advantages to using carton boxes when you're moving house or storing goods away for long periods of time. These advantages include:

- They are strong enough for heavy objects;

- They protect fragile items like glassware;

- They offer protection from dust and moisture;

- They can be used as packing material inside other containers (such as cardboard boxes);

- They are easy to stack together when full;

- They can be reused over again if needed (just make sure they're clean first).



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Where to Buy Recycled Used Carton Boxes for Moving and Storage in Singapore ?

Where to Buy Recycled Used Carton Boxes for Moving and Storage in Singapore ?

Reuse and recycle is the best way to save our environment. We provide recycled carton boxes in Singapore. The items  can be used for moving, storing or repacking.

Our used carton boxes are professionally recycled, factory cleaned and perfectly packed.It ensures the safety and security of your belongings during transit since these eco-friendly used cartons are safe.

The use of used carton boxes is the best way to move your goods without denting or damaging them. They are strong, reusable and excellent at protecting your belongings. 

Our Retail Walk-in Shop(s)

The shop located at @ toa payoh
1002 Toa Payoh Industrial Park #01-1471 Singapore 319074
Mon - Fri, 9.30am - 5.30pm
Saturday, 9.30am - 4.30pm | Sun/Ph: Closed

Accepted Payment Method in Shop : Cash / Paynow

No Appointments Required @ mackenzie
106 Mackenzie Rd,
Singapore 228706
Mon - Sun, 10am - 10.30pm @ sims place
53 Sims Place #01-158 Sims Vista
Singapore 380053
Mon - Sat, 11.00am - 10.30pm


We offer the best deals on moving carton boxes in Singapore. Our customers benefit from 'reduce, reuse and recycle.

We also provide variety of sizes new carton boxes for your moving or storage needs such as small size, medium size , large size and extra-large size. 

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✨Business Continuity Plan 🚚📦

✨Business Continuity Plan 🚚📦

What happens if theres cuircit breaker again?? 

We have our business continuity plan in place.  You can still order your  carton boxes/packaging materials and it can still be delivered , under some conditions. There will be only online payments, no cash on delivery. There will not be any delivery time slot, you can only choose delivery date as we will move into contactless delivery which means to say our delivery captains will place your items outside the place of delivery and leave. Our Toa Payoh outlet will be temporarily suspended if we are not allowed to operate, but you can still visit our Mackenzie outlet to view and buy what you need. Before heading down to Mackenzie do give us a call as the stocks there are limited. At Mackenzie, we strongly advise customers on cashless payments.

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Delivery process for


At cartonbox.SG, we want our customers to get the best deal in terms of our product quality, pricing and how fast you receive your items. All these are tagged to cost. Understanding our customer needs to fight the rising cost of  living we have a few options to cater to you our customers.  We have 3 “cannot go wrong” delivery options which best suite your needs at the lowest cost possible.

Next day delivery option ;

For purchase above $99, free delivery the very next day after your order. We have our time slots available for you to choose from. Pick a time slot, and the very next day you receive your order.

 “I want next day delivery and be able to choose the time slot, but my purchase is below $99? What shall I do” If this is your concern, not to worry. You get to enjoy the same benefit but with a very small marginal fee of $18. Cheaper than you taking a taxi to and fro to pickup the items, and you do not need to lift a finger our delivery specialist bring your order to your doorstep.


Urgent same day delivery option  ;

“I urgently need my oder, I need it by today” We understand your urgency, what going to offer you next is subject to availability. We will do our very best to try and get you our delivery specialist to deliver the items you ordered within the next 3-4HRs with a norminal fee of $30 but I have to emphasize this service is strictly subject to availability


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We have an additional Retail Location closer to central with longer operating hour.

Dear Customers 

We have made our packaging products available in limited quantity in a mini-mart store. 

 Click for Direction --->> MAP S Twenty 1 Minimart @ 106 Mackenzie Road 

Also Available at 106 Mackenzie Road 

 From 7th April 2020

Longer Opening Hours:

Daily Monday to Sunday | 10.30am to 10.30pm 


Do take note that stocks are limited and replenished from our store on a daily basis.

As such we urge customers to  call 6653 1555  to check stock availability in store. 

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COVID-19 UPDATE: Toa Payoh Store has resume business as usual

Since we are moving on to phase 2 of Circuit Breaker. We will resume our retail sales including walk in cash and carry in store @ 1002 Toa Payoh Industrial Park unit 01-1471. 

We will have safe management measure in place as set out by MTI. We seek all customers to follow these measures. 

We have also decided to continue sales of our packaging products also available at 106 Mackenzie Road. If you find it more convenient to purchase the items from this location please feel free to do so. Its a good idea to contact our customer service to check stock availability prior to your visit down to our branch locations.

Thank you for the continued support.

Stay Safe.

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COVID-19 "circuit breaker period" alternatives for our customers. With effect from 7th April 2020

From 7th April 2020. We are closed but our products are available for cash & carry at partner Mini-Mart 106 Mackenzie Road. Online orders are processed and delivered as usual. Please watsapp to check stock status before walk-in to Mini-Mart.

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Some of Our Valuable Clients

Some of Our Valuable Clients

Cartonbox.Sg | Valuable Customer

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Free Delivery

Free Delivery

Order $99 and Above to Get Free Delivery in Our Website

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