Why Is Our Hotline Always Not Answered

Most of the time our sales person is on deliveries or on the road. Our team is small and we handle multiple task at one time. As such we recommend customers to leave a missed call and wait for a customer service agent to contact you within 5-10 minutes. Our call center personal could be on another call or not able to answer your calls. If you do not get a return call or facing difficulties reaching us for for below matters, we suggest you follow the steps below before trying to reach us again.

1. Delivery related changes;
Please drop us an email at delivery@cartonbox.sg in reply to your confirmation email for the order you placed.

2. Changes to your order;
Please reply to the confirmation email with your required changes

 During these time and when not answered please leave a missed call and we will return your call ASAP. 

We welcome any complains and compliments at info@cartonbox.sg or try calling our  local number Tel : 82517409

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