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Do It Yourself, Resizing Carton boxes

Very often we get request for boxes that are just a few centimeters more than what is required. As such we have put together a DIY technique that is more cost effective and solves your problem. 


Have a look at this 1 minute video and you can do this with any boxes to suite your need if its just a little too big then what you needed.



Why Is Our Hotline Always Not Answered

Leave a miss call and we will get back quicker. Try calling our three series local number +65 31122111 (this is a local number no "6" required at the front) Check Free Delivery Available before you checkout

Delivery Rate $15 for orders $0.00 – $50.00 

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Free Delivery is for order above $80

We do provide delivery services and this is based on our delivery slots availability. During your checkout process you will see this screen.  


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Once our slots are full you may only select the next available slot and time. We also recommend if you have any comments leave it on the box "add a note to your order"

Packaging Materials Payment Modes at CartonBox.SG

We accept various payment modes for your convenience.

In Store for walk in customers

Conveniently pay with Cash or Nets machine in store.

Online Orders

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    How to buy packaging stuffs from us | | these are the brand of Jaguar 3R Ventures Pte Ltd. 

    There are several way to make your purchase with us.

    Walking cash and carry at our toa payoh store, (see contact us for full address) alternatively if you are busy we can have your order delivered to you. 

    Delivery is free after a certain amount (as of now its free for $50 and above). Other wise delivery is charged at minimal rates based on your order total. This can be check even before you confirm your order during checkout process.

    For payment modes please see other blogs...

    Buy Carton Boxes for Moving and Storage Purpose

    We Do BUY Back your USED carton boxes.

    We Do BUY Back your USED carton boxes.

    To Sell Your Box Please call 82517409

    (100 Boxes  & Above)


    Once Used Carton Box Recycling

    What is it?

    Used cardboard box recycling involves the segregation of once used cardboard boxes from factory generated waste cardboard. The boxes are sorted and graded then sold for reuse.

    Why should I do it?

    The scheme will provide a substantially higher financial return than any other waste cardboard disposal process. Also it is the most environmentally friendly disposal route.

    How does it help the environment?

    For every sale of once used cardboard boxes the demand for new cardboard boxes is reduced which in turn reduces the demand for paper and energy. After reuse the box is still recyclable so the material can be reprocessed into paper.

    Is it costly?

    No, there is no investment required and there are no collection charges. Onsite storage containers will be provided free of hire charges subject to volume.

    Are prices fixed?

    Yes, we can guarantee prices for at least twelve months regardless of any fluctuations in market prices.

    Are all used boxes reusable?

    No unfortunately not, we do not buy odd sizes (shallow or narrow) and we only buy used boxes that are available in large quantities on a regular basis. We do not buy mixed batches of boxes (i.e. supermarket waste) or small quantities.

    How do I start a used cardboard box recycling scheme?

    Firstly we need some basic information of any used boxes you would like to recycle:


    1. INTERNAL SIZE (length x width x height)
    2. QUANTITY (monthly or annually)
    3. CONDITION (printed or plain; good quality/average quality)


    From that basic information we can determine if a used cardboard box recycling scheme is viable.

    What happens next?

    After an initial site visit we will provide free advice and consultancy and make recommendations on how to implement a used box recycling scheme. We will make written proposals and cost savings projections with the view to undertaking a pilot scheme to demonstrate the potential profits. After that a written offer will be submitted with a commitment to a fixed price agreement.

    Why should I use (another brand of our company)

    We are one of the largest and longest established used cardboard box recyclers in SINGAPORE. A company dedicated to providing the very best service at extremely competitive rates. Our extensive warehouse complex and large transport fleet enable us to cope efficiently with high volume producers.

    If you are interested!

    Follow the Contact link and get in touch!

    Redundant Stock

    If you are a volume buyer of cardboard boxes there is a chance that sometime in future you will generate redundant stock, here is a cost effective disposal option.

    As well as buying once used cardboard boxes we buy brand new redundant stocks. We are looking for large volumes of a wide range of sizes from very small to very large, the boxes can be plain or printed with company or product details. All boxes must be clean, dry and in a reusable condition. In most instances we can arrange collection.

    For a competitive price please provide the following information:

    • Internal Size (length x width x height)
    • Board Grade (single wall or double wall)
    •  fluting of corrugated boxes
    • Printed or Plain
    • Quantity
    • Collection Point

      We will then make an offer subject to approval of a sample.

      Our brands